construction management digitisation Giboire

Construction management digitisation at Groupe Giboire

  Script&Go had the opportunity to interview a production director from property developer Groupe Giboire on their construction management digitisation. The director spoke of Giboire’s use of Script&Go’s construction management digitisation solution, BatiScript. He explained how it has facilitated the digitisation of his real estate teams and operatives work processes.

Punch list module Batiscript

BatiScript by Script&Go : an innovative solution for quality control

How can you easily improve construction quality (and manage defects)? The need for improved quality is synonymous with the need for improved productivity. Through high quality outcomes, value can be added and productivity gains made. For years, improving construction, assembly or installation quality through defect management (deficiency management or snagging) has been one of the…

BatiScript defects management software

How can you save 30 minutes defect management time?

Do you find yourself spending hours tracking defects and reporting them? If you’re seeking to complete your projects on time and on or under budget, then improving your defect management or quality control processes is a place where you can start improving. Script&Go can show you a way how to save 30 minutes defect management or snagging time through it’s BatiScript solution, because…

communication [Infographics]: 4 simple ideas to improve your communication with your teams

4 simple ideas to improve communication with teams

Communication plays a vital part in the project development. The key to individual and organisational success and their productivity lies in the ability for teams to communicate and critically to have “good communication skills.” Here we explain 4 ways of improving team communication. What leads to poor team communication? When a team communication processes has not…

Digital opportunities Canada - Construction site management software

Batiscript Canadian launch : Canada Opportunities Digital

Script&Go are participating in the Canada Opportunities Digital #‎SNQuebec16 event in Quebec on 5 and 6 April 2016 to present its construction management software BatiScript. At the heart of the Canada Opportunities Digital #‎SNQuebec16 programming, there will be fifteen local and international success stories to inspire you ! Script&Go will reveal it’s work with the Canadian group CRONNOS, a BatiScript user. Canada…

BatiScript wins Canada through international expansion

Script&Go, the software developer for field professionals is consolidating its international expansion through representation in Montréal. BatiScript developer, Script&Go, announces it’s representation in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. To do so, it is partnering with DevReGy who is a new strategic partner for the sale and distribution of its software and mobile applications in the US and Canada.