A quality project right on time

Organize your site and your collaborators’ schedules

BatiScript enables you to deliver quality-made goods on time. From the conception phase to the delivery phase, you will find in this software all the tools you need: defects management, creation of reports, project progression, project delivery, documents at hand
Logiciel suivi de chantier, OPR, non-conformités, réserves

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Enter the information with the intuitive input mode

Write and add symbols directly with the stylus. The information is transcribed with the help of handwriting recognition technology.

Follow the progression of your site

With the checklist feature and the synchronization, you can follow the progression of the site and conduct an efficient site management

Defects management

The Defects management feature in BatiScript enables you to manage the evolution of your comments by changing their status after your visits on the site.

Create reports after each visit

The report in BatiScript enables to digitalize progression meetings by site. Send your report to all of your collaborators by email.

Manage the defects during the reception phase

The Defects management feature in BatiScript also enables you to organize the defects follow-up during the delivery phase.

Access all your documents and plans on the site

The Documents and Plans storage features are an “all-in-one” tool: notes, reports, technical documents, photos, etc.

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