What is the difference between a purchase and a rent?

When you choose the “purchase” mode, you buy the license once and the software is your for an unlimited period of time.

The “rental” mode enables you to rent an access to the BatiScript software. Your are then engaged in a 2-year commitment period.

Is it a monthly or an annual payment?

With the “purchase” mode, you pay the amount shown (corresponding to the version of BatiScript you have chosen) as soon as the order is taken into account. You will then pay for the annual maintenance which corresponds to 20% of the purchase price and includes minor updates and technical support (by telephone and on our customers assistance site).

With the “rental” mode, you pay a monthly cost by automatic withdrawal for 2 years. The maintenance is included in the price.

Is there a commitment period?

Only the “rental” mode engages you in a 2-year commitment period.

Will I receive notifications and alerts for my payments?

The payment is made with an automatic withdrawal directly from your bank account (with your approval by mandate and your GNI).

If my tablet breaks down, will I be able to translate my license on another tablet while saving my projects?

Yes, you can enable/disable your BatiScript license by yourself 3 times.

If I have a problem or questions, how can I contact you?

As a BatiScript client, you have access to our Customer Assistance support.scriptandgo.com, or you can send an email to assistance@scriptandgo.com.

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