All the features of BatiScript construction software and punch list app

From punch list to comprehensive reports

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Punch List

  • Locate on drawings

    Place numbered markers on your drawing

  • Change the status

    Use a colour code to follow defect / snag progression : raised, corrected, approved,pending

  • Add images

    Add an image : photo, sketch, or drawing extract to enhance information detail

Sketches and annotations

  • Handwriting recognition

    Write directly on a tablet with a stylus to save data entry time : information is transcribed with technology developed by Script & Go

  • Annotation

    Write notes on images with a stylus to add new infomation and detail

  • Cropping

    Edit image size to focus on important elements

  • Time / Date stamping

    Create a digital archive : time and date stamp photos

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Meeting Minutes

  • Template creation

    Create multiple report templates and reports from templates for your projects

  • Editing in PDF/Word

    With batiScript, a clear PDF or Word report is available instantly without any need for back-office proofreading

  • Customising reports

    Customise your reports to make them reflect your company : logos, colours, tabs…

  • Assigning trades/collaborators

    Assign your report notes to a specific trade or collaborator

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  • Multiple reports

    Create multiple reports for the same projects and edit them at any time

  • Sharing by email

    Send your reports by email to different collaborators assigned a project immediately

  • Adding images

    Add images, photos, sketches or drawing extracts to make the information more precise

  • Annexes

    upload one or more annexes to your reports from your computer or add from the “documents” module in BatiScript

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Inspection Checklist

  • Checkpoints

    Manage your defect abservation list by following different chackpoints of a checklist

  • Progression

    Follow the progression of zones and, more generally, your project site(s) as checkpoints are approved one by one

  • Customising

    A checklist is entirely customisable and can be adapted to suit your profession or field of expertise

  • PDF/Excel editing

    You can have a clear PDF / Excel report instantly anywhere with no need to proofread it in back-office

Available on PC, tablet and smartphone

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Plan Markup

  • Adding comments and symbols

    Add comments on drawings to suggest changes, including to symbols

  • Collaborative work

    Ask collaborators to suggest defect observations

  • PDF/Word report editing

    Create a clear PDF/Word report immediately anywhere with no need to proofread in the back-office

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Logiciel de gestion de chantier BatiScript - PV de livraison

Handover protocol / Asset information management

  • Managing defects during the defects liability period and beyond

    Manage the remaining defects post-handover during the defects liability period. Digitally add new defect obesrvations on drawings arising during this phase

  • Operation and Maintenance

    Launch operation and maintenance tasks directly from a tablet by sending requests to organisations assigned to trades concerned

  • Asset information management

    Enter information required concerning a built asset for the in-use phase, and its owners or tenants, (such as operation and maintenance, as-built, warranty information)

  • Delivery statement

    Add as many signatures as there are owners and making them sign directly on the tablet with the stylus

Site compliance

  • Simplified form

    Create forms with questions filtered by topics. Choose from simlple answer options (“Yes, No, Not Concerned”)

  • Managing penalties

    Easily manage any penalties by indicating problems observed

  • Sharing reports by email

    You can create a clear report that can be immediately shared by email

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Gestion de chantier BTP logiciel BatiScript  - plans

Plan storage

  • Selecting zones

    Select zones to divide a full drawing into multiple parts for defect observation

  • Cut locations

    Cut locations on each drawing so that location boxes automatically fill when defect observations are added

  • Manage large plans

    Work on large PDF plans without losing in quality when you zoom in and an obtain detail of automatic plan cutting for reports

  • Tree view

    Create zones and subzones to regroup multiple drawings (for example drawings of the same stage)

Document management

  • Necessary construction / operation and maintenance documents

    All documents needed for construction, operation and maintenance (contract drawings and
    specifications, tender documentation…). The most common formats supported are : (PDF,
    Word, Excel, Powerpoint, JPEG…)

  • Document sharing

    Documents can be opened with BatiScript and sent by email to collaborators on-site or off.

  • Offline consultation

    Consult construction documents

Logiciel de gestion de chantier BatiScript - Documents
Logiciel de gestion de chantier BatiScript - Statistiques


  • Encrypted data

    Visualise the data necessary for defect observation follow-up : delay, number created each
    week. Filter by organisation, or by status (raised, corrected, approved, pending)

  • Data sorting

    Consult the status of defect observation follow-up in detail by choosing a filter according status organisation and/or trade.

  • Editing a PDF/Word report

    You can have a clear PDF and/or Word report instantly and avoid the need for proofreading in the back-office.

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