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How to manage punch list easily on your site?

For many years, construction management and in particular the punch list was the most difficult task. With a printed plan, the defects were annotated one-by-one on paper with some written notes. At the end of the day, all data has to be written on the computer and then transfer to the right subcontractors… This is a time-consuming operation with many risks (unreadable notes, papers get lost etc…)!

Are you still doing this operation manually today?

Now, the technology is here to help construction workers on the field with a punch list software.

Made to answer needs of the site supervisor, project owner, property developer etc., the construction management software BatiScript simplifies the management of none conforming task with its punch list module. With a tablet, start the punch list operation in a few minutes and edit your sheets in a single click. When you create a mark or raise an issue, each contributor gets the information on his tablet with the synchronization (cloud). You can also assign the task to a sub-contractor and track the progress of the task. Moreover, with BatiScript Lite on a smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows), the correction of issues by your sub-contractors is faster. You gain thus between 30% and 40% of the time on punch list management, which means a gain in productivity.

With its intuitive and ergonomic interface, the handling of the software is really fast.

Beyond the punch list management, BatiScript answers to all issues of the construction management. The list of features includes (plans storage, documents library, plan markups, handover and warranties, reports etc…).

Discover now in this video the punch list management feature of BatiScript Software.


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How can you test BatiScript punch list software?

We offer 30 days free trial so you can fully test our punch list software. During the trial period, a representative will give you a live demo of the product plus an access code to the entire BatiScript features list.

Get your 30 days free trial today!