Complete your project

Fulfill all the site operations

Reduce your project cost

Save time in defect observation

Save time writing reports

Enchance the image of your clients

Logiciel suivi de chantier, OPR, non-conformités, réserves

Follow site progress

With the checklist and synchronisation features, you can follow site progress and perform efficient site management

Create reports after each visit

The Batiscript report feature allows you to digitise site meetings. Send your reports to collaborators by email.
Compte-rendu suivi de chantier BatiScript
Logiciel de gestion de chantier BatiScript - PV de livraison

Defect observations during the defects liability phase

The Handhover protocol / Close out feature allows you to manage your defect observations during defects liability phase post-handhover to assist in successful client delivery.

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