• Reduced ecological impact (paperless)

  • Fast and simple nonconformity recording operations

  • Modules fully adapted to the field use

Script&Go had the opportunity to interview both a site manager with a background in engineering and a project director from construction

Real estate and energy firm Groupe Legendre on their construction management digitisation.

The engineer and director spoke of Legendre‘s use of BatiScript for their construction management digitisation. He explained how it has facilitated the digitisation of their civil engineering and project management processes.

It is now clear site managers and project directors can digitise and benefit from a ‘paper-free’ mobile digital construction management solution with more standardised processes.

Legendre interview highlights

Script&Go invited site manager Anaël Souchay and project director, Christophe Bataille, from Legendre to answer a few questions on their construction management digitisation and use of BatiScript.

A site manager’s perspective

Souchay explained that he is a site manager at Legendre, prepares and organises the different tools of a technical information base and facilitates the execution of works for optimal schedule and cost outcomes.

As a site manager with expertise in Legendre’s construction division, he intervenes in various capacities. He also has duties to work in various sectors beyond construction, throughout the lifecycle of projects from inception to delivery, in infrastructure, environmental (water and quality control), energy, shipping, and healthcare fields.

Meeting civil engineering, structural engineering and renovation needs

He explained their need as follows. “We have 1 or 2 meetings per week per site. After each meeting, we have to edit a report and to send it each site participant. Previously, each collaborator who wrote reports had his or her own method to do it. The company wished to standardise it’s construction management documents, from drawings to reports, to optimise communication between its collaborators, partners, subcontractors and so on.”

Souchay said “besides the simplicity of its use, BatiScript construction management software allows progress to be made each time it is used. From my first use of it on site, I learned to use all the Reports module features. Now, it is quick and easy for me to edit complete and accurate reports.” He also said that BatiScript has been used as “an essential tool for the efficient management” of several Legendre sites, including the following :

Structural engineering and renovation

  • The Trempolino apartment block, Nantes
  • The Bellini commercial building, Rennes
  • Notre-Dame-du-Lac apartment block, Angers
  • St Quentin Hospital, Rennes

Civil engineering

  • Goodman distribution facility, Allonnes
  • Ruaudin

A project director’s perspective

We then asked Bataille to identify their chosen construction management digitisation solution to manage defect lists and to write site reports.

Meeting a project director’s needs

He explained that BatiScript was selected for a pilot test and that “we were really seduced by its ergonomic and intuitive interface but also by the clarity of the edited documents.” He then added, “BatiScript achieved Legendre’s goal: document standardisation and harmonisation to avoid information loss and to gain in productivity. Indeed, the company wants to make reporting work less frustrating, more accurate and more reactive.”