• Reduction of time spent in the back office without prior re-entry

  • Cost optimization / Increased productivity

  • Improved team communication in the field

Script&Go held an interview with a technical director from design and build property developer Kermarrec Promotion

part of Groupe Kermarrec, regarding their construction management digitisation processes.

The director spoke of Kermarrec’s use of Script&Go’s construction management solution, BatiScript. He explained how it has simplied their exchanges, made their work processes faster and report outputs clearer.

It is now clear property developers can benefit from using construction management software. Script&Go invited Denis Paing, Director of Kermarrec Promotion to answer a few questions on their construction management digitisation and use of BatiScript.

Kermarrec interview highlights

Highlights from our interview with Paing are given here :

Paing explained his position as technical director at property developer Kermarrec, engaged within the housing and commercial sectors and serving individuals, companies and communities in Western France.

Kermarrec sought a new professional software solution to save time in their construction management processes and to greatly reduce their use of paper, which Denis said was “an extremely time-consuming and inaccurate way of working.”

He explained that they sought simple, high-performance construction management software to interact with project stakeholders, final customers and end users.

Making the BatiScript choice

Paing examined the construction software solutions for management digitisation on the market, and contacted Script&Go directly through their BatiScript website. He said that “their sales department was very responsive to my needs” and he was able to quickly made an appointment at Kermarrec’s premises to discover the software. He said that he “wanted to test the solution with field teams accustomed to preparing defect or snag lists on paper”

He elaborated that “Kermarrec were chiefly looking for a way to facilitate our exchanges not only with prime contractors but especially with their final customers and end users.”

  • Service to price ratio

He added that “the ‘service-to-price’ ratio of the solution proposed by Script&Go was a decisive factor.” The economic model of license (unlike a subscription system) and fixed annual maintenance fee allowed him to have a clear overview of the cost and controlled budget.

Key benefits of using BatiScript for construction management digitisation

Paing explained the key benefits to Kermarrec of using BatiScript.

  • Ease of implementation and use

The daily use of tablets and BatiScript was implemented naturally. His team at Kermarrec quickly appreciated the “ease-of-use” of the software and “the ease of generating reports on a tablet” compared to the old paper format.

  • Information availability

The BatiScript “Drawing Management“ module “makes all site plans available at all times in an orderly manner.”

  • Information accuracy

The BatiScript “Defect Management“ module “allows us to send quality information to our subcontractors as well as ensure accurate issue correction of construction work.”

  • Site management speed

BatiScript use “speeds up site management” (through automated processes).

  • Simplified performance and exchange

BatiScript use allows “simplified exchanges and performance” through stylus use and handwriting recognition, rapid drawing based defect management and the proximity of the Script&Go team provided a permanent exchange

  • Clarity and credibility

The BatiScript “Delivery“ module gives “clarity and credibility” to allow their clients to easily understands the various formatted reports submitted during the course of construction and on completion of the work.

clarity and credibility to customers and subcontractors through the formatted reports, defect lists created on site through the ability to attach photographs.

  • Issue monitoring and statistical analysis

The BatiScript “Issue management / Mark Up” module allows issue monitoring throughout construction, coupled with the possibility of consulting subcontractor defect progress statistics to optimise construction management.

Overall, Paing summarised Kermarrec Promotion’s use of BatiScript saying, “the more you use it, the more fluid it becomes,” and adding that the overall result was “very positive” and “helped to remove our doubts about the using tablets in our processes.”