• Clearer, targeted and up-to-date requests

  • Monitoring of the lifts of reserves until their term

  • Reorientation of time spent on value-added tasks

Script&Go had the opportunity to interview a director from property developer Groupe Giboire on their construction management digitisation.

With an annual turnover of over €150 million and more than 15,000 people housed each year, Giboire Group is one of the leading players in real estate development on the Western side of France.

Five years after choosing the BatiScript construction site monitoring software, the Giboire Group has renewed its confidence in our teams for the deployment of a new product GPA Client, the web platform for monitoring customer claims in the warranty phase. We, therefore, took this opportunity to meet the teams of the Giboire Group who testify to the advantages of BatiScript on a daily basis.

The objective: to provide the best tools to the group’s professionals, who work with many stakeholders, from the design phases to post-delivery guarantees.

Today, more than 60 licenses are used internally and 300 mobile licenses are available to stakeholders. Using digital tools make it possible to coordinate and deliver 700 homes per year.

The advantages of Batiscript

Used by teams during all phases of the project’s life, BatiScript has had several positive impacts within the Giboire Group:

  • Smooth information sharing: BatiScript has allowed us to eliminate the coexistence of multiple versions of the same file and reduce the number of back and forths between the general contractor and the developer.
  • Clearer, targeted and up-to-date request: BatiScript allows you to easily produce up-to-date and personalized snag lists. The efficiency of the teams has made it possible to raise the group’s standard of excellence. Today, more than half of its homes are delivered without any defects/snags.
  • Monitoring of the raising of defects until their completion: Because Excel files were not up to date and were eventually abandoned after a few months, the ease of use of BatiScript made it possible to optimize the monitoring of defects and interventions.
  • Better analysis of information: The dashboard functionality provides a good visibility of the site conditions. This makes it possible to remain alert on each company’s activities and to act quickly if there are any issues.
  • Reorientation of time spent on value-added tasks: BatiScript has freed up time to better manage projects, but also to be more available to customers.

Digital site monitoring with BatiScript

Discover in more detail how BatiScript’s teams were able to support the Giboire Group in its digital shift through three portraits: François Renoulin, Director of Giboire Construction, Anna Robert, Operations Assistant and Pierre Binet, Operations Manager.

Could you present your role in the Giboire Group?

François Renoulin: I am the director of Giboire Construction. I manage the technical and site monitoring teams within the group’s real estate department.

Anna Robert: I am an operations assistant. I am in charge of administrative and relational follow-up with clients and companies. My main mission is to assist purchasers in the modification work and in the choice of services.

Pierre Binet: I am in charge of real estate development operations or project manager for new constructions and mainly in housing. My missions are vast: from drawing up plans with the architect to handing over the keys when the accommodation is delivered, and of course including site supervision.

What motivated your search for a professional digital solution?

François Renoulin: We started our digital transition several years ago. We were looking to improve our quality of service, in particular by tracking finishes and freeing up time to devote more of our employees’ working time to value-added tasks aimed at our customers.

How did you meet the BatiScript team?

François Renoulin: BenoĂ®t Jeannin, CEO of Script&Go (developer of BatiScript), came to meet us to present the software package. The proximity of Script&Go’s contacts and their availability to take into account our business issues really made it possible to refine the tool and ensure that it is adapted to our daily needs.

By experimenting with BatiScript, we were convinced by the ergonomics of the interface, which made it easy to use the tool while on the move. And it was also a way of making full use of the new equipment we made available to the teams: Windows tablets that could be used both in the office and on the construction site.

How did the BatiScript meet your needs?

François Renoulin: What also convinced us in the BatiScript solution was the promise to bring together all the players in the construction chain around the same tool. This is true for companies, the project manager, and ourselves as the project manager. Focused on a single solution for all the project stakeholders, it was the certainty of being the most effective and clearest for us in expressing our needs!

Anna Robert: BatiScript allows me to improve my efficiency. I can monitor the state of defects on a daily basis and quickly edit the reports I distribute to companies, attaching drawings, contact details of occupants and all useful information. I can also directly inform clients of the progress of the correction of defects in their accommodation.

Pierre Binet: With the companies with whom we work on the site, BatiScript has enabled us to be more responsive. A few years ago, we published our snag lists on paper. Today, they consult all the information relating to snags on the BatiScript mobile application and even perform their own self-checks with the software before our defect management.

New GPA Client tool to better manage customer complaints

The Giboire Group has once again entrusted the BatiScript team with the deployment of the solution, GPA Client. GPA Client is a web interface specially designed for developers and their customers. The platform allows owners/tenants to be guided in reporting a defect and to quickly transmit information to operational teams.

François Renoulin: This is a major project for our future programs. GPA Client will allow our buyers to follow in real time the progress of their defects but also to submit complaints to us by being guided, step by step, to make more precise, illustrated and documented requests.

A big thank you to the whole Giboire Group team for the time they devoted to this interview and the many compliments they received for the BatiScript software!