• Generate clear reports with the defect list

  • Exchange and proximity with customer support

  • Simplified communication with my partners

Script&Go had the opportunity to interview a construction manager at French company Bat’Immo Concept

specialising in the construction management of reinforced concrete, on their digitisation

The construction manager spoke of their use of Script&Go’s construction management software, BatiScript. He explained how it has facilitated their construction management digitisation.

Construction management software clearly benefits reinforced concrete specialists in their construction management. Script&Go approached Bat’Immo Concept’s construction manager Laurent Rabine who explained his responsibility is to ensure that work is carried out in accordance with drawings, materials and regulatory requirements. He said that in particular he supervises construction management, quality control and so on…

Highlights from this conversation are reported here.

Bat’Immo interview highlights

Rabine explained that he started looking for a new solution because he wanted to save time in my daily tasks. make it easier to follow-up on works on site reduce the amount of paper involved and needed to handle site documents.

He divulged that “Bat’Immo Concept was looking for a way to optimise it’s working time, whether it was during defect survey or in report writing tasks. It lacked a simple tool to explain the defects noted to project partners.

He described how in 2012 he came across an article in the press about Script&Go and its BatiScript construction management software. The article talked about other Script&Go clients who were users of this solution and extremely satisfied with it. These customers were Groupe Lamotte and the Groupe Giboire.

Script&Go and Bat’Immo Concept construction manager – easy exchange

Exchange and customer proximity are the main strengths of BatiScript’s developers, Script&Go. As soon as they have a request from a construction manager or other stakeholder, they send it to the technical department which answers quickly by telephone. This personalised customer contact is very important to them.

The benefits of using BatiScript itself that Bat’Immo experienced are described here :

  • Defect and drawing management

He said he “uses the BatiScript “Defect Management” module daily to identify defects on site and with the help of the “Drawing Management” module he can easily find construction drawings in an organised way. The “Delivery (Handover/Warranty)” module is particularly important to me as it allows me to track defects detected by a customer during the entire warranty period, after delivery. With a tool as practical as BatiScript, my site monitoring is now faster. We saved 30% of our time for carrying out defect management on site, which is important to note, when we know that ‘time is money.’”

  • Simplicity and performance

Rabine also said “I did not make any comparison with other software because I was quickly convinced of the merits of BatiScript itself. The simplicity and performance of the solution were instrumental in my choice.

  • Clear and sustainable choice

The “Reports” module allows clear reports to be produced with the list of defects and associated drawings showing defect locations. The “Document Management” module allows me to get rid of paper. From now on, we go to the site with our hands in our pockets. With BatiScript, there is no need for paper : everything is in the software.”

  • Competitive advantage of a mobile tool

Using BatiScript for monitoring my construction site is a major advantage for my competitors: I save time and have simplified communication with my partners. For example, I often use the photo-editing tool to easily explain the various defects that I find on my site. These photos then appear in the various reports that I address directly to each company.”

“The result was very positive and erased our doubts about the use of a tablet in our processes. In summary, BatiScript is saving me time and simplifies communication.”