témoignage Eiffage Construction : gestion de projets sur tablette

Construction management digitisation at Groupe Eiffage 

Script&Go had the opportunity to interview the director and a site manager from the construction firm Eiffage Construction Bretagne, part of the European firm Groupe Eiffage, on their digitisation. A director and site manager spoke of Eiffage’s use of Script&Go’s construction management solution, BatiScript. and explained how it has facilitated the digitisation of their construction management processes. Eiffage is…

BatiScript key productivity benefits : time-saving, quality control, ease-of-use.

Following a series of interviews with some of our BatiScript clients it can be clearly recognised that our BatiScript solution provides multiple productivity benefits for its users involved in construction works. These relate principally to it’s ease-of-use and contribution to saving time and improving quality control in various real estate and construction settings.