6 steps to create and manage your snag list

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    Create your project and import your project information

    • Centralise project site information : contacts, organisations, sites, drawings, documents
    • Import existing information easily with an Excel file.
    • Import drawings in image or PDF format
BatiScript defects management software allows to mark defects on plan
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    Add a defect observation to a drawing

    • Whether interior, or exterior, your defect observations can be located in the right place on drawings
    • Site teams can easily identify defects and their status (created, pending, resolved approved, aborted)
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    Add photos to your defect/snag observations

    • A photo is more explicit than text. With the help of a stylus, you can annotate photos directly  to highlight a detail.
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Information becomes available anywhere at any time

Share information with collaborators both off and on site.
BatiScript defects management software form and assign defects
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    Complete the form and assign defects

    • When creating a defect observation, enter information for it on a form : site, phase, trade, title, photo, type and so on…
    • Assign defects to a company and add a deadline for their resolution.
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    Monitor progress and delays

    • Create checklists to process and reduce your defects even more quickly. You will then be able to visualise the progress of your site.
    • View organisational delays at a glance via a dashboard and manage defect groups.
BatiScript defects management software statistics
BatiScript defects management software to generate custom meeting reports
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    Generate custom reports

    • Create your own report templates and use them in your meetings.
    • Add precise information: text, photos, drawing extracts, and so on.
    • Assign each observation to a specific trade or user for resolution.
    • Generate your defect reports with BatiScript. Files can be exported as PDFs and sent by email.

Accessible anywhere

Available on all devices (smartphone, tablet and desktop) and on all operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows).

Use BatiScript seamlessly across all devices

BatiScript defects management software available on multiple devices

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