construction issues : batiscript construction management software and snagging app

Discover the new features of BatiScript 1.12 by Script&Go. These include a raft of features relating to the issue management / mark up of construction issues (non conformities included) as part of it’s task management capability. These sit alongside further drawing management, report and user profile features.

These include an ergonomic invitation manager to request collaborators to provide feedback on project drawings and the ability to give project stakeholders access to different features for each project through a filter system.

BatiScript 1.12 : tablet-based construction management software innovations to assist management of construction issues

Issue management / Mark up module feature (part of BatiScript task management capability)

  • Invitation dashboard
  • Commenting capability
  • Active filter indicator
  • Rotating and mirroring symbols
  • Fine plots for annotations

Drawing management module features (part of BatiScript Document Management System (DMS))

  • Scale definition
  • Scale duplication

Report module features

  • Urgent notes
  • New notes in bold

User Form and Profile features (part of BatiScript user management capability)

  • Colour setting via user forms for changing report “profile” according to “status”olour
  • New user assignment (for user forms and project site assignments)
  • User profile manager feature
  • User profile manager and assignments are now connected (internet connection required)

***Ed. Note : February 2018 : BatiScript 1.17 update is now available. Learn more about it here > BatiScript 1.17 update brings users closer to the reality of the field

If you wish to discuss your management needs for construction issues with Script&Go’s BatiScript team please get in touch or take advantage of a free trial for a month straight away.