BatiScript key productivity benefits : time-saving, quality control, ease-of-use.

Following a series of interviews with some of our BatiScript clients it can be clearly recognised that our BatiScript solution provides multiple productivity benefits for its users involved in construction works. These relate principally to it’s ease-of-use and contribution to saving time and improving quality control in various real estate and construction settings.

Here we provide a summary of the multiple BatiScript productivity benefits revealed by 7 of our clients through their user stories here :

Multiple productivity benefits for BatiScript clients

1. Report standardisation and ease-of-use

An operations manager from a real estate firm involved describes how BatiScript “allowed me to use the same template for all my reports,” “it was easy to insert photos, drawing extracts and other images.” 

2. Improved construction defect management

A professional solution development director at a property development firm describes how BatiScript “allows us to solve a major problem: which is to improve construction defect management.” 

3. Higher quality level

A production director at a property development firm  describes how “BatiScript allowed us to attain a higher quality level.

4. Improved quality, clarity, credibility, simplified exchanges, speed

A technical director from a design and build property development firm describes how BatiScript “allows us to send quality information to our subcontractors,” provides “simplified exchanges and performance,” with “clarity and credibility,” “speeds up site management.”

5. Simplicity and performance

A construction manager from a specialist construction management company describes how “the simplicity and performance of the (BatiScript) solution were instrumental in my choice.”

6. Efficient management and productivity

A site manager and project director from a construction, real estate and energy firm describe how BatiScript is “an essential tool for efficient management” and allows “document standardisation and harmonisation to avoid information loss and gain in productivity.”                                     

7. Precision, clarity, fast information sharing, efficient site management

A director and site manager from a European construction firm involved in multiple sectors describe how their “project teams and subcontractors agree that BatiScript is of real interest not only for it’s precision and clarity of information but also in terms of the speed of information sharing possible.

Convinced by the productivity benefits of BatiScript ?

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