How to gain 30 minutes in punch list management?

Are you finding yourself spending hours tracking defects and reporting them to the right person? If you are seeking to have a better way to complete your projects on time and under budget, then a better management of defects is a place where you can start. I will show you a way how to save time on punch list managements using an app because you know as the old saying goes “time is money”.

What is a punch list app?

Punch list app is a mobile application that is used to create, manage and correct defects that you find on your site. The app is a direct replacement for your paper process. This app can be used on either your smartphone or tablet.

Why should you choose a punch list app?

Simply put it, you will be able to work better and more efficiently. Almost every field worker today has a smartphone in their pockets which are not in use majority of the time. Your smartphone can be used to make and correct defects with the use of an app such as BatiScript.

While you are on site when you find a defect you can just pop out your smartphone, create defects, make a note, take a picture and assign the defect to a company. The person that the defect is assigned to will see that task when he open BatiScript on his smartphone or tablet.

Therefore Joe the electrician from Electric Inc will see that there is a problem with the electrical outlet located in bedroom. If Joe is on site, he could then immediately attend to and address this issue.

Benefits of BatiScript’s punch list app?

  • Better collaboration better field workers and office managers
  • Gain 30+ minutes on defects management
  • Gain 60 minutes in the writing and sending of reports
  • Gain 35 minutes in the preparation on site

Office managers will be able to track the progress of their field workers from the office. They will be able to see which defects are in not corrected, corrected, validated, waiting and abandon. Also, all defects and updates are sync with all team members. We all know that in every company, the main problem is the lack of communication between all team members.

With BatiScript’s app, you will find the right way to improve this and get a good workflow in your project. But what about your data? No worries, everything is stored and secured in our data-centre so if you lose your device, you will always get them back thanks to our cloud.

In a survey that was conducted with users of BatiScript, 92% of them reported that they choose BatiScript because it saved them time on defect management.

Save time with batiscript defects management app

So how much time did they save? Out of the total respondents, 27% stated that they saved 30 minutes while 42% stated that they save 1 hour or more. Obviously, the amount of time you save will vary on the size of your project.

I know there are some of you who are sceptically about these survey results but we are happy to share these results with you. Just send us an email.


Having a defects management app is clearly more cost-effective than using paper.

If you have read this far, you can see that there are clear benefits to using a defects management app such as BatiScript. BatiScript’s punch list was developed to help normal construction workers to like yourself to save time and eventually money on defects.