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Digitisation and Construction  – Interview with Ms. Pepinot, Nexity

Script&Go had the opportunity to interview Ms.Pepinot, director of professional solution development at Nexity, who spoke to us of their use of BatiScript in the field of construction, and to discover how BatiScript has ensured the digital transition of Nexity’s project managers.

Can you explain your role at Nexity?

I’m Anne Pepinot and in charge of the development of professional solutions at Nexity. I manage projects and accompany the development of solutions for use by our teams internally and in the field.

How do you use BatiScript?

Ms Pepinot explained that while “mainly used by our project managers during the construction phase, BatiScript allows us to solve a major problem: which is to improve Nexity’s construction defect management.

There were two important needs for us:

  • To standardise and format meeting reports to have a better understanding of the information sent by different stakeholders
  • To have a better view of our construction, through the provision of a digital archive showing the progress of the different project managers onsite.

Our project managers appreciate being able to have drawings available at anytime in the field, but also to reduce data entry time for meeting reports or defect management.

In order to exchange information with our external suppliers, everything is managed through BatiScript: we edit our PDF report and send it by email to the right stakeholder!”


How is BatiScript deployed at Nexity?

Pepinot elaborated that “Script&Go and Nexity collaborated hand in hand in the development of BatiScript software. What’s more, I’ve been charged to deliver the information acquired from site and the professional habits that Script&Go develops a software solution for closely relate to the needs of the field.

Script&Go was involved in training the first users in Nexity and since then each new collaborator benefits from internal training by those already initiated in the use of the software. The transmission of good practice is a key part in the training of a defect management solution such as BatiScript.“


Do you have any figures to tell us regarding the uptake of BatiScript at Nexity?

Pepinot went on to say that “BatiScript is a really professional tool at Nexity. Used nationally, more than 180 in-house architects use the BatiScript software for defect management in their daily (defect survey) and weekly (site meeting report) work.


More than 100 construction sites have already been created by our project managers! 

What advice would you give to an organisation that wants to digitise?


Pepinot ended by saying that “if I had to give advice to another organisation that wants to digitise itself, I would say “choose BatiScript!”


The “start-up” format, which means participants are close to the client, listen, are in constant collaboration and able to carry out quick developments, completely seduced us.

At Script&Go it is the tool that adapts to the habits of the trade and not the opposite!”

Script&Go thanks Ms Pepinot for the time she has given us for this interview.


Please find information on Nexity via their website.


You may also contact us at Script&Go if, like Ms Pepinot, you wish to have more information on BatiScript, provide a testimonial yourself, or benefit straight away from a 30-day free trial of our defect management software by signing up here.