Digitisation and Construction  – Interview with Guirec Callac, Lamotte

Script&Go had the opportunity to interview Mr Callac, operations manager at property development company, Lamotte, who spoke to us of their use of BatiScript in the construction field, and explained to us how BatiScript has facilitated the digital transition of Lamotte.

Q | Can you explain your role at Lamotte?

To start with Guirec Callac told us that he was an operations manager at Lamotte and performed the following tasks:

  • Supervision and coordination of works
  • Site meeting reporting
  • Follow-up and handover of technical works
  • Client liaison throughout the works
  • Delivery of client property
  • Warranty management
  • Final completion administration


Q | How did he discover Script & Go and it’s BatiScript software?  

Callac then described how he discovered BatiScript during his time with Lamotte and that he found the software “easy to use” for his first reports and that “it allowed him to use the same template for his reports so that they all had the same format. I think the system pleased our organisations that consult them as the presentation is the same regardless of who created them. It was easy to insert photos, drawing extracts and other images to illustrate our points.”

He elaborated that BatiScript was “of great interest to Lamotte during the prior to and during the delivery phase. Once the plans had been inserted into the tablet, defects could be located directly onsite and associated with different organisations.”

He explained that BatiScript then allows defects to be filtered by organisation or project site, in their case, for each housing unit.


Q | How has BatiScript changed your work processes?

Callac also explained that his own transition to become paper-free was underway saying, “BatiScript has changed my handover process, in terms of defect lists and direct transmission to organisations,” but “I do not create my meeting reports directly on site and instead print them and go to site with paper versions.”


 Q | What are the key benefits that BatiScript and the tablet have brought you?      

Callac explained the key benefits as,

  • the format of meeting minutes is the same whoever writes the report
  • the defect list and report can be created by housing unit or by organisation
  • the clarity of the reports

Script&Go thanked Mr Callac for the time he gave us for this interview.


Please find information on Lamotte via their website.


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