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Digitisation and Construction –  Interview with Mr Renoulin, Giboire Group

We had the opportunity to interview with Mr Renoulin, production director at Groupe Giboire, who spoke to us on the use of BatiScript in the field of construction. Discover how BatiScript has allowed us to facilitate the digital transition of his assistant teams and operatives at Groupe Giboire.

Q | Can you outline your role with Groupe Giboire?

Mr Renoulin said, “I am Production Director at Groupe Giboire. I am in charge and supervise production teams (assistants and operatives), as well as legal teams that contribute to the new construction works.”

Q | What are the consequences of the use of BatiScript?

Renoulin described how “BatiScript was mainly used by our teams during the construction phase, and has affected the real estate activity of Groupe Giboire in many ways :


  • Simplification of information transmission: BatiScript has helped us avoid the need to have multiple versions of the same file and to reduce the back and forth communication between the architect and the client. The construction file update process was timely. Information sharing was fluid.
  • Clearer targetted and up-to-date requests; previously defect or snag lists were global, not always filtered and with detail that may have been inaccurate or completely erroneous. Defect lists were hardly usable. Today, BatiScript allows us to easily produce up-to-date and personalised lists. We fulfil our part of the work better, which allows us to raise our requirement level with architects and other organisations.
  • Defect (snag) follow-up until completion: previous Excel tools were not up-to-date and wound up being abandoned after a few months. The simple use of BatiScript allowed us to follow works until completion, and even if there were only a few late issues to resolve.
  • Multiplication of pre-handover defects and real-time entry: it’s simple enough for us to call out several groups of defects (snags) for the same housing unit. If checks are not carried out at the right time, over-abundance can make it difficult for the organisations to follow. Due to this, we have modified our site completion schedule.
  • Improved use analysis: from the analysis of the distribution of pre-handover data, we have been able to measure the range of practices and choose the best functioning process according to these sectors.
  • Reallocation of time spent on value-added tasks: we have been able to analyse task progress better and estimate completion forecasts in relation to the original schedule better. BatiScript has allowed us to free up our time in order to manage projects better and to use our time better to our clients’ advantage.


Q | How is BatiScript deployed within Groupe Giboire?

Script&Go has accompanied Groupe Giboire in the take-up and deployment of BatiScript within the organisation. It was necessary to counter any reticence and assumptions of complexity: we had to show our collaborators that the tool was simple to use and that is was going to help them in their daily tasks.


Renoulin said that “thanks to the initial training and the establishment of a tool learning process, we could make our teams operate in the field. Today, we train our users internally to give them a personalised response that relates to our work processes: new collaborators are trained by those that have already been initiated in the use of BatiScript.”

Q | Do you have any figures to share with regards to BatiScript take-up?

He also added “at Groupe Giboire, the rate of taking up by our production teams was 100%! There has been very little reticence from the point of view of defect management data input which has helped the internal deployment of it.

All our real estate teams are equipped, which represents 40 internal licences with around 30 BatiScript users each week.


It has been so successful that Groupe Giboire will soon deploy this tool within another department.”

Q | What advice would you give to an organisation that seeks to digitise?

Finally, Renouin confirmed that “BatiScript has allowed us to attain a higher quality level which has led us to modify our processes: we now work several times over, notably in the control of “paintwork” onsite. We have also modified internal processes to gain in quality and efficiency. All these changes meant we needed to foresee a number of exchanges with operational teams: to identify their problems well, adapt the use of the tool for them and to accompany their uptake of it. BatiScript is a formidable tool that allows us to have access to information in real-time.

We have greater transparency, save in information processing time and adapt to the rhythm of each in the consultation of the data entered.”

Script&Go thanks Mr Renoulin for the time he gave for this interview.!


Please find information on Groupe Giboire via their website.


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