BatiScript, the construction management software

Every new year brings its news. At Script&Go, it’s a major update of our software BatiScript! The new version is full of improvements but mainly the report module totally redesigned.

What is BatiScript?

BatiScript is a software solution on tablet perfectly adapted to your work needs and your work on mobility allowing to optimize your construction management. Improve your efficacity and productivity with our construction management software.

The idea with BatiScript? Have an alternate solution to answer your main concerns in BTP:

  • have an all-in-one tool to bring and work with multiples documents on the field;
  • delete forever all operations of reporting at the back-offices (the entry of notes took on the field is really time-consuming);
  • allow the teams to work simultaneously on the same site thanks to the simplification of collaborative work, the management of users and the rationalization of flux to facilitate the exchanges and secure data.

The improvements of BatiScript 1.14: the report module totally redesigned!

Construction management software - Reporting

Several reports for the same site

  • Add a report from a model
  • Creation of several reports for the same site
  • Add the cut of localizations on the plan to automatically fill the text field “Localization” during the punch list management
  • Add a spell checker
  • Create several report models
  • Research a defect from the list mode
  • Improvement of the images management during the export (setting the size, compression of images etc.)
  • Add as many signatures as owners during the generation of the delivery report
  • Add several checklists for the same site

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“Intuitive solutions, pragmatic and economic”

As all Script&Go tools, BatiScript is distinguished by its ergonomics: the software is intuitive and pragmatic.

The Script&Go software is based on a unique technology of handwriting recognition. On the field, professionals entry directly their data on the tablet as they do on the paper.

Moreover, it is possible to synchronize different projects between all mobiles of professionals on the field (tablet and smartphone) so that they can work effectively and simultaneously on the same site. The communication between the teams and external interveners is easy.

BatiScript is money-saving: the time on a site is reduced to the minimum and the reporting operations are deleted. The construction companies win in average 80% of the time on the distribution of the information, from 30 to 40% of the time on the site inspection, 65% of the time of the second site inspection and 70% of the coordination between the interveners.

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