Every new year brings fresh news. At Script&Go, it’s a major update of it’s BatiScript construction management software solution. The latest version BatiScript 1.14 offfers intuitive, pragmatic and economic improvements for construction and real estate management.

It’s core benefits remain and it’s report module has been completely redesigned. Learn more here.

What are the core benefits of BatiScript construction management software?

BatiScript is a construction management software solution that is perfectly adapted to meet the professional work needs of construction and real estate professionals and facilitate remote-working.

It allows optimises construction management and assists digital transformation to improve your productivity. Poor communication and collaboration leads to omissions, errors and inaccuracies, poor quality and adds risk. Using BatiScript overcomes these issues.

BatiScript is an “intuitive, pragmatic, economic and extremely time-saving solution”

As with all Script&Go solutions, BatiScript is distinguished by its ergonomics: the software is intuitive and pragmatic to use as well as economic and time saving.

Intuitive : This Script&Go software is based on unique handwriting recognition technology. In the field, professionals can enter their data on a tablet directly as they would on paper.

Pragmatic : It’s also possible to synchronise different projects via the cloud between the devices of professionals whether in the field or the office  (PCs, tablets and smartphones) so that they can work effectively and simultaneously together. Through this communication between inhouse teams and external stakeholders becomes easier too.

Economic : BatiScript is a time-saving and cost saving solution. The time spent by contractors, architects, engineers, and client teams on site is reduced to the minimum and manual reporting operations are eliminated. Construction and real estate stakeholders can save site inspection time, stakeholder coordination time, report creation time and information distribution time.

It provides an effective solution to solve your main construction management problems as :

  • it’s an all-in-one tool that enables you to work with multiples documents, including drawings, in the field, (reducing the use of paper by deleting back-office reporting operations

(data entry from the field is time-consuming and duplication of it should be avoided)

  • it allows teams to work simultaneously on the same project site or sites through the simplification of collaborative working, user management and workflow rationalisation to facilitate data, information exchange and data security

BatiScript 1.14 construction management software report module is totally redesigned !

  • Add a report from a model
  • Create several reports for the same site
  • Create site zones on drawings to automatically fill text fields during defect management relating to them
  • Add a spell checker
  • Create multiple report templates
  • Research defects from list mode
  • Improve image management during export (size setting size, image compression and so on)
  • Add as many signatures as owners during report generation and delivery
  • Add several checklists for the same site

***Ed. Note : February 2018 : BatiScript 1.17 update is now available. Learn more about it here > BatiScript 1.17 update brings users closer to the reality of the field

To discuss your construction management and project management reporting issues with Script&Go’s BatiScript team please get in touch or take advantage of a free trial for a month straight away.