Complete projects on time

Track project and collaborator information

BatiScript is construction management software that enables you to deliver quality outcomes while respecting time and cost constraints. You can follow project progress and identify issues early in real-time.

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Enter information through an intuitive input mode

Add text and symbols using a stylus. Information is recognised through handwriting recognition technology.

Add comments during the design phase

BatiScript’s issue management / Mark Up module allows you to add comments on a drawing or ask collaborators for them.

Follow site progress

With the BatiScript Checklist module and data synchronisation features you can follow construction progress for efficient project management

Pre-handover operations

With BatiScript’s Defect Management module you can manage the evolution of defect observations by changing their status after your site inspections.

Create reports after each site visit

The BatiScript Report module allows you to create customised digital issue/defect and meeting reports. Share reports with collaborators in real-time

Pre-handover operations

The BatiScript Defect Management module allows you to progress defect resolution.

Project information delivery

The BatiScript Delivery module allows you to manage information required for client delivery.

Assess onsite collaborators

The BatiScript Compliance module allows you to create structured forms according to expertise and to assess your collaborators’ conformance for certification purposes.

Access your project information directly from site

The Document Management System is useful for storing project information required for client delivery, including contract documents, drawings, specifications, requests for information (RFIs) , reports, operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals, sketches, photos and so on…

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