Managing punch list on Tablet : BatiScript 1.12 Update

Discover the new features of the Montage module, including an ergonomic invitation manager to solicit collaborators and to provide feedbacks on project plans.

Now give your employees access to different features per project.

The entire BatiScript team is at your disposal if you would like to know more about BatiScript or take advantage of a free trial version with no obligation for a month!

Construction management software : the 1.14 update is full of news

BatiScript, the construction management software
Every new year brings its news. At Script&Go, it’s a major update of our software BatiScript! The new version is full of improvements but mainly the report module totally redesigned.
What is BatiScript?
BatiScript is a software solution on tablet perfectly adapted to your work needs and your work on mobility allowing to optimize your construction management. Improve your efficacity and productivity with our construction management software.

The idea with BatiScript? Have an alternate solution to answer your main concerns in BTP:

have an all-in-one tool to bring and work with multiples documents on the field;
delete forever all operations of reporting at the back-offices (the entry of notes took on the field is really time-consuming);
allow the teams to work simultaneously on the same site thanks to the simplification of collaborative work, the management of users and the rationalization of flux to facilitate the exchanges and secure data.

The improvements of BatiScript 1.14: the report module totally redesigned!