Kermarrec Promotion and the BatiScript software : after 3 years of use

Interview with Mr Denis Paing, technical director at Kermarrec Promotion, Batiscript user

Kermarrec Promotion designs and realizes real estate programs (housing and offices) for individuals, companies or communities in the Greater West.

To begin, could you present your position and the missions that you have?

My job as Technical Director at Kermarrec Promotion is to organize the operational part of the worksites: from the management of punch list on the site to the pre-delivery and delivery of the property to the client. The communication aspect with the project managers and with the customer is essential: I must provide the reports that are reliable and understandable. Batiscript’s simple and clear reports are a major asset in this information transmission.

What caused you to search for a new professional solution?

We needed to save time in the management of our site and greatly reduce the use of paper that is very time-consuming and unreadable. We were looking for a simple, high-performance construction management software to interact with our stakeholders and end customers.


Interview with Mr. Laurent Rabine, main contractor and manager at Bat’Immo Concept, Batiscript user

Bat’immo Concept is a company specializing in construction management in the field of reinforced concrete.

To begin, could you present your position and the missions that fall to you?

My job as manager and main contractor for Bat’immo Concept is to ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with the plans, materials and regulatory implementations. In particular, I supervise the work: management of works, quality control, etc.

What motivated your search for a new professional solution?

I started looking for a new solution because I wanted to save time in my operational daily. At the same time I wanted to make easier to follow-up on construction site but also to get rid of the paper and having to handle all the documents of my site.

How did you discover Script&Go and its construction management software?

In 2012, I came across a press article about Script&Go and its BatiScript construction management software. The article talked about Lamotte Group and Giboire Group who were users of this solution and were very satisfied with it. So I got in touch with the Script&Go sales team and started my trial period.

The result was very positive and erased our doubts about the use of a tablet in our processes.

Construction management software : Groupe Legendre’s testimonial

Interview with M. Souchay, site supervisor at Legendre Construction, BatiScript user

As a civil engineer with an expertise of the construction division of Groupe Legendre, he carries out interventions in differents sectors out of construction. With a duty to carry out interventions in various sectors outside building sites. These include industrial civil engineering, environment (defects and water), energy, shipping, hospital. We operate from conception to delivery of these projects.

To begin, could you present your position and the missions that fall to you?

I am a site supervisor at Legendre Construction: I prepare and organize, from a technical file, the differents tools allowing the execution of the works with the best timing and costs.

What motivated your search for a new construction management software?

We have 1 or 2 meetings per weeks per sites. After each meeting, we have to edit a report and to send it each participant of the site. Each collaborator who writes reports had its own method to do it.

The company wishing to standardize the documents of construction management. From plans to reports, to optimize the communication between collaborators, partners, subcontractors etc…

How did you discover Script&Go and its construction management software?

I asked the head of information systems of the Groupe Legendre to identify a solution to manage punch list and to write site reports. BatiScript was selected for a primary test.

We were really seduced by its ergonomic and intuitive interface but also by the clarity of edited documents.