quality management

Overcoming the barriers to efficient construction quality management

Successful delivery of a construction project depends on the quality standards defined in the scope of work of a construction contract. The quality management a construction company provides is therefore paramount to fulfilling contractual obligations to meet quality standards. Project specifications generally define project quality standards and so form part of the contract between a…

BatiScript key productivity benefits : time-saving, quality control, ease-of-use.

Following a series of interviews with some of our BatiScript clients it can be clearly recognised that our BatiScript solution provides multiple productivity benefits for its users involved in construction works. These relate principally to it’s ease-of-use and contribution to saving time and improving quality control in various real estate and construction settings.

The ‘productivity question’ facing UK interior designers today

Interior design is a relatively new profession, evolving slowly but steadily, with the digital age, through smart home technology and the internet of things. Often confused with interior architects and interior decorators, interior designers also often face a ‘productivity question’ while performing their tasks. They often ask themselves how they can easily become more productive,…