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Batiscript Canadian launch : Canada Opportunities Digital

Script&Go are participating in the Canada Opportunities Digital #‎SNQuebec16 event in Quebec on 5 and 6 April 2016 to present its construction management software BatiScript. At the heart of the Canada Opportunities Digital #‎SNQuebec16 programming, there will be fifteen local and international success stories to inspire you ! Script&Go will reveal it’s work with the Canadian group CRONNOS, a BatiScript user. Canada…

BatiScript wins Canada through international expansion

Script&Go, the software developer for field professionals is consolidating its international expansion through representation in Montréal. BatiScript developer, Script&Go, announces it’s representation in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. To do so, it is partnering with DevReGy who is a new strategic partner for the sale and distribution of its software and mobile applications in the US and Canada.