Communication takes an important part in the development of a new project. The key to success lies in your ability to communicate and, most importantly, to “have good communication skills”. In this article, you will read about how to improve the communication with your teams.

[Infographics]: 4 simple ideas to improve your communication with your teams

What makes bad communication?

When the communication has not been properly established, you will probably receive the following type of email or remark during the project:

“I don’t understand, this is not what was decided during our discussions.”

If you read this article, I suppose you have already faced this kind of remarks at some point in your life. Why did it happen?

You will find here 4 simple ideas to improve the communication with your collaborators illustrated by an infographics. With these elements, you will probably understand what were the blocking points in the communication with your teams.

  1. Implement a mobile solution

The first step for effective communication is to set up a mobile solution on the field for each of your workers. It is important to have all the elements at hand for your project to be achieved in the best conditions: plans, project documents, photos etc. Now more than 50% of the population owns a smartphone and more than 30% has a tablet. Yet, only a few companies use these new devices among their teams. Did you know that, in the construction field, 70% of the workers did not have a smartphone or a tablet for their interventions?

The investment is important but the time saved and the reduction of the costs are worth it.

  1. Make clear documents

Communication is an art. Every message that is sent, verbal or not, is interpreted differently depending on the receiver. Interpretations must be reduced to the strict minimum by producing documents that are understandable by everyone. Having short, formatted documents is the key to a better comprehension.

  1. Make exchanges easier

In this technological world, the transmission of information has never been so simple. Each solution (drive, email, cloud, etc.) has advantages and inconveniences. Take this aspect into account when choosing your mobile solution.

For instance, having a cloud for a construction company enables all your teams to recieve real-time updates concerning the progression of the site.

The cloud enables collaborative work on the same project.

  1. Make access to information easier

Your teams must have access to the information they need at any time. It it thus crucial for you to think about a solution that will make the information available to your collaborators.

For example, some solutions enable to filter the access to the information according to the collaborator’s profile in the project.

The final word

With these 4 simple ideas to improve the communication with your teams, your projects will progress in better conditions and you will not waste any more time.

Examples of mobile solutions for construction

BatiSript is site management solution on tablet and smartphone that enables the teams to achieve all the operations on site: defects management, site reports, etc. Discover now >

SiteDiary is a an event log mobile app for construction sites: safety, events on site, resource management, etc. Discover now >