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Batiscript Canadian launch : Canada Opportunities Digital

Script&Go are participating in the Canada Opportunities Digital #‎SNQuebec16 event in Quebec on 5 and 6 April 2016 to present its construction management software BatiScript. At the heart of the Canada Opportunities Digital #‎SNQuebec16 programming, there will be fifteen local and international success stories to inspire you ! Script&Go will reveal it’s work with the Canadian group CRONNOS, a BatiScript user. Canada…

BatiScript wins Canada through international expansion

Script&Go, the software developer for field professionals is consolidating its international expansion through representation in Montréal. BatiScript developer, Script&Go, announces it’s representation in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. To do so, it is partnering with DevReGy who is a new strategic partner for the sale and distribution of its software and mobile applications in the US and Canada.

Construction management digitisation at Groupe Kermarrec

  Script&Go held an interview with a technical director from design and build property developer Kermarrec Promotion, part of Groupe Kermarrec, regarding their construction management digitisation processes. The director spoke of Kermarrec’s use of Script&Go’s construction management solution, BatiScript. He explained how it has simplied their exchanges, made their work processes faster and report outputs clearer.

témoignage BatimmoConcept : gestion de projets sur tablette

Construction management digitisation at Bat’Immo Concept

Script&Go had the opportunity to interview a construction manager at French company Bat’Immo Concept, specialising in the construction management of reinforced concrete, on their digitisation. The construction manager spoke of their use of Script&Go’s construction management software, BatiScript. He explained how it has facilitated their construction management digitisation.


How to manage snagging tasks easily with BatiScript

How to manage punch list easily on your site? For years property and construction management and in particular ‘snagging’ or defect management has been a tedious task. Traditionally using a paper-based process has been used with printed drawings where snags are highlighted one-by-one on paper with handwritten notes. At the end of the day, all data…

témoignage Eiffage Construction : gestion de projets sur tablette

Construction management digitisation at Groupe Legendre

  Script&Go had the opportunity to interview both a site manager with a background in engineering and a project director from construction, real estate and energy firm Groupe Legendre on their construction management digitisation. The engineer and director spoke of Legendre‘s use of BatiScript for their construction management digitisation. He explained how it has facilitated the digitisation of their civil engineering and…

How to choose construction management software

Choosing the right construction management software to meet specific needs is not always an easy task for a company. The construction field has specific constraints that need an appropriate response. Here we offer you a few tips to help you with your choice. Defining needs Before choosing your construction management software solution, you should define…