BatiScript offers you several benefits

Batiscript offers you several benefits

BatiScript defects management benefit

Helps you save 30 minutes on defects management

Save 60 minutes on creating reports and documents

Follow the progress of work done on site in real-time

Improve the communication with your subcontractors

Manage your entire project on your mobile device

  • Defects management

    Add defects on the plan and assign right subcontractor. Defects management allows you to see the progress of all defects.

  • Markups

    Markups is module that is essential to the design phase of a project: add your comments and annotations directly on the plan

  • Handover protocol/Warranty

    Manage your delivery statements and defects undertaking the liability guarantee phase with this module

  • Documents management

    All your site’s documentation is at hand and available offline

  • Statistics

    Visualize the data that are essential to the defects management in the form of diagrams

  • Report

    Your site reports are detailed and customizable for a better transmission of the information

  • Checklist

    Track the defects quickly by following checkpoints and the percentage of completion

  • Site compliance

    Create simple forms regrouping questions according to their topic. It is an ideal tool to assess the subcontractors work on the site

  • Plans storage

    Regroup all your plans (even in large format) in a tree view

  • Handwriting recognition

    Do not forget your writing habits: draw, write and sign directly on your tablet with the stylus

All your profession on tablet

Select your profession

  • Owners

  • Architect

  • Project manager

  • General contractors

  • Designers

    Engineering offices

  • Engineering firms

  • Custom home builder

  • Other

The construction site management software that saves your time

Save 60 minutes of your time spent on reporting

Create your own site reports templates and fill them directly on the field in real time to increase your productivity

Construction site management software reporting

The construction site management software that saves your time


Save 60 minutes of your time spent on reporting

Available on PC, tablet and smartphone

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