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Our features are customisable

BatiScript construction management software allows you to productively deliver quality outcomes for your clients while respecting time and cost constraints. You can visualise and analyse project progress and easily identify defects for resolution.

Enter the information with the intuitive input

Write and add symbols with the stylus. The information are transcribed with the handwriting recognition technology.

Your operations prior to acceptance during the implementation phase

The Defects management feature in BatiScript enables you to manage the evolution of your comments by changing their statuses after your visits.

Generate your reports after each inspection

BatiScript’s report enables to digitalize progress meetings by site. Send your reports by email to all your collaborators.

Follow the progression of your site

With the checklist feature and the synchronization, you can follow the progression of the site and conduct an efficient follow-up

Generate your delivery statements

The Handover protocol/Warranties feature enables you to manage the defects liability guarantee and deliver the product to your client.

Your documents and plans are always at hand

The Documents and Plans storage features are an “all-in-one” tool: notes, reports, technical documents, photos, etc.

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