From the conception phase to the achievement phase

All the features were created specifically for each step of the project

BatiScript, the site management software, enables you to deliver quality-made goods while respecting time and costs constraints. You can visualize the progression of your project and identify the problems.
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Enter information with an intuitive input mode

Write and add symbols directly with a stylus. Information is transcribed with through handwriting recognition technology.

Add comments during design

The Assembly feature allows administrators to add comments on drawings and/or to ask his collaborators to make suggestions.

Follow the progression of your site

With the checklist feature and the synchronization, you can follow the progression of the site and conduct an efficient site management

Your operations prior to handover during the achievement phase

The Defects management feature in BatiScript enables you to manage the evolution of your comments by changing their status after your visits on the site.

Create reports after each visit

The report in BatiScript enables to digitalize progression meetings by site. Send your report to all of your collaborators by email.

Your operations prior to handover during the delivery phase

The Defects management feature in BatiScript also enables you to organize the follow-up of the defects during the delivery phase.

Close-out information delivery

The handover – close-out protocol feature allows you to manage defects during the defects liability period for complete client delivery.

Assess onsite collaborators

The site compliance feature allows you to create structured forms according to the field of expertise to assess your collaborators onsite.

Access your project information directly from site

The  information storage feature is useful for storing construction information required for client delivery, including contract documents, drawings, specifiactions, requests for inforation, reports, operation and maintenance manuals, sketches, photos ans so on…

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